The Comparison



Many people claim to be personal trainers, yet lack professional certifications. Don't fall victim to the "fly by night" or "wanna-be" trainers out there. All of Joe's certifications are posted, and can be verified by their respective issuing authorities. Furthermore, Joe is certified through NASM - the premier certifying agency in the world of fitness.


Many trainers lack the necessary education to be an effective trainer. Joe values education and is so serious about personal training that he earned a Master's Degree in Sports Management and Health & Wellness. This sets him apart from his industry peers.


There are too many "meat heads" and "creeps" pretending to be personal trainers out there. Joe is always professional and provides the premier training experience. For your peace of mind and safety, Joe is happy to submit to a background check.


It takes more than just a general certification to be a safe and effective personal trainer. Does your current or prospective trainer hold a women's fitness specialization? Is he or she a certified weight loss specialist? Joe has numerous other specializations and certifications to help cater to diverse populations and unique clients.


Working out can be stressful enough. You don't need to feel judged or be subjected to stares and unwanted glares. Joe provides a safe, private training environment. It allows you to be comfortable and work-out free from the "headaches" too many of us have experienced in traditional gyms.