Nutritional and fitness services that are custom tailored to your unique goals.

As you ponder my services, please bear in mind that along with your regular personal fitness training sessions, you will be given an additional wealth of important tips and information on diet and nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes and other knowledge that you will use going forward in your new healthy lifestyle. This knowledge I will give to you will make a world of difference to your physique and will help you immensely as you progress towards your ultimate fitness goals.


Tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual.

Exercise is not only good to alleviate and diminish health concerns such as high blood pressure or diabetes, but it allows you to perform daily activities more easily.


Typically 2 sessions per week. 1 hour each session.
Experience a 60min high intensity workout, includes cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, shape your body and lose weight.


Tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual.
Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with good nutrition. We can guide you to a life of healthier eating habits.


Always here to spur you on for ongoing success!
Sometimes it seems impossible to get motivated, regardless of what we are getting motivated for. We can be your supports on the road to a healthy lifestyle!

Individual Sessions:

1 hour = $35.00 / session
Half hour = $20.00 / session
"Pay as you go rate"

Package Prices:

Purchase 5 - 10 sessions in advance:

1 hour = $30.00 / session , half hour = $18.00 / session


Purchase 11 or more sessions in advance (BEST VALUE):

1 hour = $25.00 / session , half hour = $15.00 / session

* Special discounts for military / veterans and first responders.
* I'm also happy to tailor a special personalized service plan just for you!

* Group and corporate sessions available.

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